Enjoy the most extraordinary moment in a private space with one room per floor.

In this age of diversifying values, people's perceptions of tourism and business are constantly changing.
In times like these, we want to share a time of joy with family, friends, and partners.
「ENT TERRACE」 hope to be that kind of hotel which could enrich that time...

When you return to our hotel after a day of sightseeing or business work in one of the world's leading cities, Tokyo. You will encounter a space of more than 50 square meters...
This is「ENT TERRACE ASAKUSA」’s Daily scenery.

We can propose many kinds of ways to spend time at the hotel that are tailored to the customer's needs, from one night to mid- to long-term stays, rather than the value of just staying at the hotel.

One private room per floor, Customers can enjoy the luxury of time and the best of an extraordinary moment when you are stay.

image of somebody cooking in the kitchen
image of eating a meal with family
Swimming bath
image of a child sleeping in bed

Conveniently located to enjoy Tokyo to the fullest, just one minute walk from the station.

「Ginza Line」Japan's oldest subway connecting from Asakusa to Shibuya.
Hotel located at a short walk from "Tawaramachi" station, just one station from Asakusa Station.

Great located with direct access to Asakusa, Ueno, Suehirocho (Akihabara), Nihonbashi, Ginza, Shinbashi, Toranomon, Akasaka Mitsukoshi, Omotesando, Shibuya, and other major tourist and business districts in Tokyo. Excellent Located in a commercial area with stations near each other.


Guest room

A total of eight deluxe rooms offering two unique living spaces, it creates a "new lifestyle" that is different from traditional hotels.

All rooms are equipped with dining area, kitchen and workspace.
We can answer all customers needs, like: tourism, business, etc.

image of western-style room interior

Western-style room

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western-style room plan(drawing)

This bedroom is exciting for children and adults.
Stairs instead of ladders are used to ensure safety for small children.
You can enjoy the spacious layout in this dream room.

image of Japanese&Western-style room interior

Japanese&Western-style room

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Japanese&Western-style room plan(drawing)

Spacious Japanese&Western-style room is popular with families groups which have children or baby,friend zone groups, and couples.
Tatami mat space provides a relaxing Japanese atmosphere everywhere.
Furthermore, the king-size bed will soothe you through the night of your trip.

Hotel's Information and Facilities

ENT TERRACE ASAKUSA offers a wide range of facilities to suit different situations and customer's needs.
We look forward to welcoming you and use our service on your journey.

Hotel's Information and Facilities

Accommodation Plan

ENT TERRACE ASAKUSA offers two distinct spaces.
Different with the traditional hotel category, ENT TERRACE ASAKUSA offers a "new lifestyle" and adapt to the different needs of our guests.

Accommodation Plan

Access and Environment


2-9-13 Kotobuki, Taito-ku, Tokyo

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