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Higashi-oi, a downtown area where you can experience the history
and culture of the end of the Edo period

Higashioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Apartment type / Entire floor / Capacity: 4 people / 1 bed, 1 sofa bed, 2 futons / 1 bathroom / Free Wi-Fi in all rooms


During Edo period, American Commodore Matthew Perry led his ships into the harbor at Edo Bay which is called as The Black Ships in history.
At the same time, the young Ryoma Sakamoto was being studied in Higashi-oi, Shinagawa.

This is a newly built apartment type guest house with three-story in Higashi-oi Shinagawa where is not only the origin of Ryoma Sakamoto but also a historical area.

The guest house is located at a place which is only 2-minute walk from Keikyu Line Tachiaigawa Station. And It takes 20 minutes from Haneda airport to Tachiaigawa Station by subway. Also, it is a 10-minute subway ride from Shinagawa station, a major railway station in Tokyo. In addition, JR Line and Rinkai Line Oimachi station is within walking distance and Shuto Expressway is also nearby. So it is convenient for you to travel in Tokyo by subway or car.

Each floor is all carefully designed by professional designers. You can choose a room according to your preferences or purpose, which is also one of the attractive points of our guest house. In order to provide a comfortable space for long stay travelers, each floor is equipped with home appliances.

Heal the fatigue of the journey and experience Japanese culture with, loved ones or friends at this comfortable space.


Building Type Three-story apartment Room Type Studio room (Each floor has one studio room)
Maximum capacity Please check the information on the booking website Floor area About 35㎡
Floor plan Studio apartment Bathroom 1
Toilet 1
  • LANGUAGE : Japanese / English / Chinese
  • Wireless WiFi
  • Fully equipped kitchen

Show all other facilities

Air conditioner
Hair dryer
Bath towel
Face towel
Body wash
Hair conditioner
Laundry detergent
Hand soap
Rice cooker
Electric kettle
Vacuum cleaner
Dishwashing liquid


Accommodation Fee Please check the price on the booking website. (Prices will change by the number of people and seasons) → 1F / 2F / 3F
Check In 16:00~ Check Out ~10:00
Accommodation Contract See the document


By Subway

About 2 minutes walk from Keikyu Line Tachiaigawa station.
About 20 minutes from each terminal station of Haneda Airport by taking Limited Express(Kaitoku).
About 13 minutes walk from Rinkai Line Oimachi Station.
About 10 minutes to Shibuya and 16 minutes to Shinjuku.

By Car

About 20 minutes by car from Haneda Airport.
There has not parking lot in the guesthouse. Please park at the nearby coin parking lot



    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ “Asakusa Station” approximately 30 minutes

    Asakusa is a tourist destination in downtown Tokyo that is steeped in history and culture. There are many attractions such as famous places such as Sensoji Temple, Kaminarimon, and Nakamise Street, as well as traditional performing arts and gourmet food. Tokyo Skytree® can also be seen nearby.


    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ Transfer to JR Keihin Tohoku Line at “Shinagawa Station” ⇒ Approximately 30 minutes at “Akihabara Station”

    Akihabara is an electronics town with many stores selling electrical and IT products, and is also a hub for subcultures such as games and anime. Akihabara’s name comes from Akihabara Shrine, which is dedicated to the god of fire suppression.


    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ Transfer to JR Yamanote Line at “Shinagawa Station” ⇒ Approximately 30 minutes from “Shibuya Station”

    Shibuya is famous as a city for young people, with landmarks such as the scramble crossing in front of Shibuya Station, the Hachiko statue, and Shibuya 109. You can also enjoy shopping, gourmet food, and subcultures such as music and anime.


    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ Transfer to JR Yamanote Line at “Shinagawa Station” ⇒ Approximately 30 minutes at “Harajuku Station”

    Harajuku is famous for being the epicenter of trends and cute culture, and is a city filled with a variety of charms such as fashion, gourmet food, art, and characters. You can also enjoy nature such as Meiji Shrine and Yoyogi Park.


    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ Transfer to Tobu Skytree Line at “Ueno Station” ⇒ Approximately 35 minutes at “Tokyo Skytree Station”

    Tokyo Skytree is the world’s tallest tower located in Tokyo. It functions as a radio tower and observation deck, allowing you to enjoy the scenery of Tokyo. It is 634 meters high and was completed in 2012.


    Keikyu Main Line “Tachiaigawa Station” ⇒ Transfer to JR Keiyo Line at “Tokyo Station” ⇒ Approximately 50 minutes at “Maihama Station”

    Tokyo Disney Resort is a comprehensive resort consisting of two theme parks, Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea, as well as facilities such as a Disney hotel and a shopping mall.